Welcome to my website and my first public art installation! 

I completed this June 11, 2009 in an empty storefront at 139 Moody Street in Waltham, Massachusetts as part of Waltham Art Windows, an effort to enliven downtown and showcase local artists. It's a 13 foot x 9 foot sumi ink drawing on watercolor paper, executed specifically for this location. It's very exciting to be bringing artwork right to the streets, where everyone in this diverse neighborhood can enjoy it. Here's my statement in the window: 

Palm #4 (for Waltham) began as a small charcoal drawing of a potted palm in my studio (across the street at 144 Moody Street). As I watched it grow and unfold new fronds, I was fascinated by its graceful, arching forms and rhythmic patterns. Here, the fronds reach upward and outward in all directions and past their edges like a bursting fountain of life, a visual protest in the midst of the economic downturn. 

Come see this installation through July 27, 2009, and meanwhile, enjoy the new updates on the site! 
Joan Wolcott 

Website: CarolMasonDesign.com