Highlights from our current show! : Joan Wolcott

Joan Wolcott 

Highlights from our current show!

by Joan Wolcott on 06/21/13

Look closely through the Lincoln Library entry here (love that architecture) and you can see a large palm drawing at the far end of the gallery. And on your way there, you walk through a glass atrium, where Craig's new window now hangs! Inspired by reflections in Harriet's Pond, a special spot near an earlier home in Lincoln, it's now nicely paired with his earlier window, highlighting a branch from Harriet's apple tree. It's very satisfying for Craig to have them on display here, close to the inspiration, and where they can inspire other Lincoln Library patrons, coming and going.

It was great to see many friends from Lincoln and beyond at the reception, celebrating this show and the new window installation!  It's a lovely little gallery, and it was fun to hang the show to fit the space. Seeing the palm drawings altogether brought some new insights behind the work (noted in my artist statement). Having them as a backdrop with people in the foreground adds another layer of depth! And it's always illuminating to hear others' thoughts and inspiration. Making art has been a solitary and satisfying experience, but it doesn't end there--art is meant to be shared! So, I'm thankful for opportunities like this, where I can publicly share the results of these private moments of reverence, learning, deepening, and discovery with others.

The show is up for one more week (through Friday, June 28).  Craig's windows are on long-term loan, so enjoy them all summer, and beyond!

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