Giclée Prints (jee-clay) are high quality fine art reproductions made with archival inks and papers. Advances in digital technology combined with meticulous printmaking techniques make it possible to create prints which are extremely accurate, and in many cases virtually indistinguishable from the original work of art. Unlike traditional offset printing, Giclée prints do not use a pattern of dots to reproduce full-range color.

Made with archival materials and properly protected, a Giclée print can last as long or even longer than an original work (estimates range from 80-100 years and up). To properly care for Giclée prints, they should be framed with archival materials, including acid-free matting and UV glass. 

Joan Wolcott’s Giclée prints are signed, limited editions of 50 prints, printed on Innova Smooth, a fine art paper from England. Prints currently available are listed below (and indicated next to images on website).

Joan Wolcott